Two Aspects of Italian Excellence: Art and Art of Know How.

Passion for art is the core of Tychemos project, which passed down from generation to generation within the Sorlini family. This project aims at spreading around the world the artistic and cultural heritage of our country creating a ready-to-wear ‘cloth’ for every woman.

As Stefano Sorlini asserts: «Our wish is aimed at enhancing not only a perfect fusion between artistic abilities and the beauty of the past, but also between art and fashion by keeping faith to the strictest Made in Italy. From the artist to contemporary clothes in compliance with the finest craftsmanship of the past and the present. Unique masterpieces for unique clothes».

Moreover, crucial for the success of this ambitious project was the meeting between an industrialist and a creative director, as it happened between a patron and his artist, whose collaboration contributed to create eternal works of art. Stefano Sorlini, a son of the consolidated Lombard industrial milieu, and Daniele Calcaterra, a Milan based stylist and creative mind for some important Italian fashion houses, personify the essence of what Tychemos aims to be: a brand as expression of Italian art and culture throughout the world. If on one side Sorlini is emphasizing the Italian art by preserving its heritage through his foundation, on the other one Calcaterra is investing in tradition by selecting the finest top quality fabrics and cooperating with local handicraft for cloth creation.

Thus, Tychemos proves to be the perfect fusion between these aspects of the Italian excellence by meeting art and the art of know how harmoniously.


Figure Painting with History and Territory.


Made in Italy as a Matter of Principle.


Pride of Italian Excellence.

The Sorlini Foundation – September 9, 2015